Italian Dogs Jersey style

Junior Burger
2003/11/14 12:34:46
I have seen the pictures on Jimmy Buff's site, but what I haven't figure out are the potatoes in the dog cubed, in squares, like Scrabble tiles, or sliced like chips, and are they sauteed or deep fried, and the onion and peppers are sauteed with the deep fried frankfurters and placed in bread like a muffuletta bread. I wonder if the potatoes could be shoestring like whats on a Cuban fritas burger.
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Italian Dogs Jersey style 2003/11/16 22:16:29
The potatoes are sliced like chips, but thicker. It all depends on where you get the hot dog. Charlies Famous, which makes the best Italian Hot Dog, slices them a little thinner than Jimmy Buff's. Other places like Dickie Dee's, cuts them in chunky squares. They are deep fried in oil. Jimmy Buff's has a website, or There are pictures of both Jimmy Buff's and Charlies here on Roadfood. Check the reviews.