Top Ten Military Bars

2008/11/29 02:26:13
I found this on another website.

I have been to Rusty's in Manhattan, KS but haven't had the pleasure of going to any of the others. I thoroughly enjoyed myself which is saying something since I was a KU alum watching K-State beat us up on the football field at the time. I'd like to hear your opinion of the other bars on the list?
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RE: Top Ten Military Bars 2008/11/29 13:12:19
I saw that article as well, and it brought back a couple of memories from a generation back!
1. The Little Club, a bar near the Main Gate at Fort Devens, Mass. That along with the Bull Run, another bar and restaurant in the same area made AYER,MA a town to remember for a young GI far from home.

Then there was-

2. The Wakitaki Sake House in downtown Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan. I have memories of it for another reason. Here is a photo of the place along with the Bulletin restoring it's legality after curing the "problem" with the ladies working there!

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RE: Top Ten Military Bars 2008/11/29 19:06:37
Al is the only military guy I ever met who wouldn't go to a bar until it was cleaned up to military specs. I don't recall ever having heard the term "on-limits" before. Sizz, Rouxdog, anybody, does that jive with your experience?
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RE: Top Ten Military Bars 2008/11/29 19:25:34

I have the clipped lines from the Bulletin that read the same as the above except for the term "Off-Limts" about two weeks earlier ! It was more a Social Justice Issue than a food inspection or cleaniness Issue!
RE: Top Ten Military Bars 2008/11/29 20:52:04
BS plain and simple. The BEST Military BARS are bars on base (or post if you will), though I will give a shout out to an after hours members only club called the "Fleet Club" outside of Oceana
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RE: Top Ten Military Bars 2008/11/29 20:58:39

I did enjoy our NCO Club at Chitose, but those were in the days of nickel Lucky Lager or Brew 102 and dime Tuborg or San Miguel !! Canadian Club and VO was 85 cents a fifth to take out. A large Steak dinner with a couple of beers would set me back about $1.25. Life was much simpler then !
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RE: Top Ten Military Bars 2008/12/23 14:18:31
CPO club  Yokosuka Japan.
Re:Top Ten Military Bars 2008/12/23 15:52:56
You'll be proud to know that the Bull Run is still going stong....a great place to have a beer or two. I was just there this afternoon having a couple of beers in the lounge by the New England its scary.
Merry Christmas, God bless you & thank you for your service,
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Re:Top Ten Military Bars 2008/12/24 08:54:41


  Thank You for giving me the update about the BULL RUN ! It was, indeed, a very New England style "Inn". Frankly I was only there a few times, as it was one step above the normal meal/drinking budget limits for a teenaged PFC earning less than $100 a month at the time. Plus they tended to card us younger guys and we were underage (by quite a bit) at the time.

 One visit with good memories however was our "Graduation Party" from the ASA School at Ft. Devens. A fine Prime Rib Dinner with quite a bit of good wine served (no carding in the private dining rooms) was a great way to end my stay in New England at the time.
Re:Top Ten Military Bars 2008/12/24 09:23:24
Without a doubt the best military bar was the NCO club on Korat AB in Thailand.  They also had a restaurant that served breakfast for 95 cents and nightly happy hours when drinks were a nickle.  What a place.  What a time that was.
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Re:Top Ten Military Bars 2009/02/25 13:54:46
The Officers Club bar at MCAS Beaufort SC where I miss spent much of my youth as a Fighter Pilot in the early '60's. Many years later Pat Conroy's book/movie made the bar famous in one of the scenes in "The Great Santini". The scene was filmed in the actual bar. The house where the main characters lived is the famous "Big Chill" house down by the water in town... It has been used in a number of movies. But I digress
For the best Mai Tai (and most potent) try the poolside bar at Fort Derussy on Waikaki.