lobster bisque

Junior Burger
2008/12/05 16:41:44
The Ye Old Post Office restaurant in Grafton, Mass., right outside of Millbury, Mass. had some of the very best lobster bisque I have ever eaten. So damn good!
Earl of Sandwich
Double Cheeseburger
RE: lobster bisque 2008/12/07 07:12:37
Best lobster bisque I've eaten is at the Saxonburg Inn, Saxonburg, PA just north of Pittsburgh. I rate all other bisques as to how close it comes to their's.
Jane from Maine
Junior Burger
RE: lobster bisque 2009/02/12 00:47:52
Newicks Restaurant on Dover Point NH has a decent lobster bisque, although their prices are criminal and you eat it out of a paper bowl.