Kosher Deli's in NJ (Delaware Valley)

Ranger Steve
Junior Burger
2008/12/07 07:15:38
I'm in Hunterdon County. Apparently, the Jewish population here is pretty small, as I can't find a Kosher deli anywhere. I used to live in Brooklyn, and I miss really good bagels, chopped chicken liver, knishes, lox, etc. I recently discovered David Z's in Livingston, a place that is Kosher heaven, but it's too far for me to travel to on a regular basis. Does anyone know of a good Kosher deli in west central NJ (Hunterdon, Warren Counties)?. Thanks for your help.

PS - the Easton, PA area would also suffice.
Re:Kosher Deli's in NJ (Delaware Valley) 2008/12/19 17:30:27
I was unaware Kosher is an International food. Maybe repost in the sandwich forum cause there are quite a few delis posted in there.