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2008/12/23 16:15:47

Is there any way for the site to filter the potential content of ads, such as the ones supplied by GLAM that you get when you check out restaurant reviews ? I am honestly not a prude, and there is a time and place for everything - but I do not appreciate an ad for vaginal gel hovering above a picture of a plate of BBQ   ( although I will be eternally grateful to whoever got rid of the utterly maddening accompanying sound to the wretched Gary Rhodes Flora ads a while back )
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
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Re:Ad filtering ? 2008/12/23 16:48:04
Send me a PM with a link you find unappetizing and I can work on getting it removed.
Re:Ad filtering ? 2008/12/24 08:47:18
Thanks Stephen - sorry to sound stupid but am in the middle of a bout of flu so brain not quite firing on all cylinders - you mean the next time I come across something like that, click the ad to get the link and PM you that ?

Re:Ad filtering ? 2008/12/24 19:14:17
Maybe its me, but I dont see the Glam ads now on the forum pages like it used to...only on the other pages..........huh.....
Am I blind?
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Re:Ad filtering ? 2008/12/24 19:25:27
I think I understood Rushmore to say that the ads were suspended until the first of the year. 
Merry Christmas from Roadfood.  Courtesy of Roadfood per Stephen Rushmore.
Paul E. Smith
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Re:Ad filtering ? 2008/12/31 07:20:44
*throws items of apparel in the air and huzzahs* Thank you kindly, good sirs... :D
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Re:Ad filtering ? 2008/12/31 09:16:51
Actually ads are still here, I have 1 at the top right now. So MissKitty go and pick-up those clothes :)
Re:Ad filtering ? 2008/12/31 10:19:45
Yep, the Nyquil cup is spilling all over my messages again.
The Travelin Man
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Re:Ad filtering ? 2008/12/31 11:54:49

I think I understood Rushmore to say that the ads were suspended until the first of the year. 

I think he may have jumped the proverbial gun! 

Still, I am grateful for the ad-free time that we had.