chili parlor changes hands

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2009/01/01 08:27:35
Rogers says bye as chili parlor changes hands


Posted Dec 31, 2008 @ 07:49 PM
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One after another, loyal customers filed in the front door of Joe Rogers’ Original Recipe Chili Parlor looking for the proprietor, Marianne Rogers, to say goodbye Wednesday, her last day behind the counter of the popular chili joint.

“Some people are saying it’s the end of an era,” Rogers said about the business started as The Den in another location by her parents — Joe and Pauline Rogers — in 1945. “I’m giving lots of hugs today.”

The new owners, Ric and Rose Hamilton, say they aren’t about to mess with a winning formula.

“Absolutely nothing will change,” said Rose Hamilton, who retired from the Illinois Department on Aging to oversee day-to-day operations. “Marianne has taught us the prep, the meat, the beans, and we’ll get the spices from her. Even the staff is staying on.”

Added Rogers: “Nothing will change except Rose will be here instead of me, and she’s taller.”
The sale was final Dec. 15.

Paul Pachlhofer, a state employee and radio host, stops by Joe Rogers’ at least once a week, usually for a bowl of the medium-hot.

“It’s very seldom I come here and don’t meet someone I know,” said the Chatham man, who has been a customer for at least 20 years. “You see attorneys, state employees, construction workers, people from all walks of life in here.”

Like Pachlhofer, many of the chiliheads crowded Wednesday into the cozy shop at 820 S. Ninth St. are longtime customers.

“We’re seeing fourth and fifth generations,” said the personable Rogers, wearing a red apron, jeans and red chile-pepper earrings.

She’s started a new venture: selling the spice blend that goes into Joe Rogers’ chili. The Hamiltons will buy their spices from her, and she will offer licenses to others who want to use the spice blend commercially.

“I didn’t really want to learn the spices from Dad, but after his first heart attack, he insisted. He said, ‘One day you’ll thank me.’ I don’t know how many times I thanked him,” Rogers said.

Using the same recipe as her parents, she cooks the beans and meat separately, which enables customers to personalize their chili. It comes without beans, with extra beans, without meat, with extra meat and — in a tradition prized in Springfield — with as much oil in the bowl as the diner wants.

The chili comes in mild, medium, medium with a touch of hot, medium-hot, hot and the J.R. Special, also known as firebrand.

The chili parlor is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Rogers says she intends to return often, as a customer, for her favorite — a bowl of hot.

Helping Ric and Rose Hamilton with the business will be their children, T.C., 16, a sophomore at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, and Macy, 18, a freshman at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

“We hope to seamlessly transfer,” Rose Hamilton said, “from the Rogers family to the Hamilton family.”

Re:chili parlor changes hands 2009/01/01 11:31:18
Given that the Dr.'s located in Springfield IL, the article mentions Springfield,  Springfield is the IL capital, and the new co-owner retired from the Illinois Department of Aging...

I suspect Tullahoma, Tennessee.
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Re:chili parlor changes hands 2009/01/01 11:58:00

Given that the Dr.'s located in Springfield IL, the article mentions Springfield,  Springfield is the IL capital, and the new co-owner retired from the Illinois Department of Aging... I suspect Tullahoma, Tennessee.  Brad

Brad your bad. That was funny, yes Springfield Illinois. I first visited the original Den Chili parlor every time my grandfather took me to get a haircut, many years ago. It was right next to our neighborhood barbershop in a shotgun type building that was about 18 feet wide and 30 feet deep. It had 8 or 10 stools and a stand up counter along the back wall that may have been 12 feet long. I ate my first firebrand at 18, and of course got my name on the wall. Back to the present  and the new restaurant they still have all the old posters of firebrand eaters but only the last couple of years hang in the new location. On Saturday at noon the place is packed and people are usually in a line to get chili. The former Den (the original)   now the Joe Rogers Chili Parlor is a Springfield institution. If you get to Springfield and aren't afraid of a non PC correct food, stop, but if your thinking tends towards a no grease diet stay home. LOL

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They have a website with a few pictures. Click on the menu to see the chili and the chilidog. Looks great!

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