Best NY Burger??

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/01/02 15:26:56
Looks like this place has no fear of serving theirs to order. Anybody ever been?  pb

Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
Re:Best NY Burger?? 2009/01/02 16:37:45
PB - The only place I have ever heard of that uses brisket as part of their freshly ground burger mix is Jack's Famous in Ft. Lauderdale; that's a wonderful burger.  They use a combination of ground round and brisket, but this guy you're mentioning is using short rib meat, too!.  The flavor has to be amazing in his burgers. 

This place is taking a burger to another level.   How many places make their own buns?  Aged cheddar, top quality ground beef mixture, Gus' pickle, smoked bacon, hand cut fries...Sounds fantastic.  I'm surprised he's not making his own catsup, too!  Hey, maybe he is?

Thanks for the heads up.  
Re:Best NY Burger?? 2009/01/02 18:55:41
Whoa, PB. That's one serious (beautiful) cheeseburger. Do they deliver to Texas?