Hot Dogs on Thanksgiving?

2003/11/21 08:02:42
I'll be heading up to Mystic on Thanksgiving Day. Would anyone know if Rutt's, Walter's, Super Duper, or Swanky would be open that day? Otherwise, I'll have to hit all four on the way home Saturday. My wife is up for a couple but, her enthusiasm may wane if we have four stops in about four hours.
RE: Hot Dogs on Thanksgiving? 2003/11/21 14:27:56
Of the four, Rutts might be your best bet on Thanksgiving. I stopped there late on Christmas Eve last year when everything else was shuttered and they were not only open but doing a steady business as well. They also have that adjoining tavern, which gives them more of an incentive to stay open. Give 'em a call to find out for sure.