Pete's - Daytona's Best

Baah Ben
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2009/01/06 18:45:41
I've been coming to Pete's ever since Covert Opps, one of this area's all time internet restaurant and food mavenesses, recommended it.  Don't know where Covert Ops is, but she is sorely missed.
I go at least once a week to Pete's and no matter when I go there's a steady influx of Daytona Beach police, plumbers, electricians, Bright House installers, laborers, women, couples and Northern retirees coming and going.  It reminds me so much of Steve's in North Miami Beach.  No, it is not quite as good as Steve's...but ,it's good!
Half the fun is the people watching.  They all are there for one thing..A really good, thin slice of pizza.  The crust is so light you can easily eat three slices and not feel weighed down.  At lunch time, they have a wide assortment of pies by the slice..My favorite is the Margarita, which is made with fresh tomatoes and lots of garlic.   Pete makes a buffalo wing pie with chicken and hot sauce..Very popular.  White pie, assorted meat pies, etc.  They're originally from the NY area..What a surprise.
I don't recall how long ago I posted on Pete's, but as far as I am concerned, it was time for another heads up.  This is not a place for fine dining fokes..Then again, neither is Steve's.  Just good old fashioned NY style pizza by the slice.  Actually, bring someone with you who can eat (JohnA does not eat enough!) and order a full pie.  That's the best!! 
sk bob
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Re:Pete's - Daytona's Best 2009/01/13 17:58:30
lets do the whole pizza, BahBen, on a weekend for lunch. maybe you can convince me.
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Re:Pete's - Daytona's Best 2009/01/13 18:32:33
Another one for my next DAB adventure ...

Maybe an nightcap at Crook's Den?
... Daytona has some -- let's say bars with, uhm, I don't know, spirit.

Baah Ben
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Re:Pete's - Daytona's Best 2009/01/13 19:23:28
Greg - The Crook's Den?  I'm going to just take a wild guess it has something to do with a Gentlemen's kind of place? 

How's the food there ...Aah, not that it will matter.......

SK - That sounds good to me..Let's shoot for February...21st or 28th around noon.  Sorry I can't do it any sooner.  But, a Saturday at noon is good!  It would be a lot of fun.  Hey, you can go next door and bring in some of that Chinese take out you like..I don't think Pete would mind....

Hey, don't tell Pete, but Luigi's in Holly Hill is just as good......We can do that instead ..Either one works for me...

Ooops! I just remembered John cannot eat much pizza.  Hey, maybe we meet up at the rib place in the Russmeyer Millionaire Complex on USI in Ormond?  Hog Heaven.....

John....Which do you prefer?  Let us know.  Let's do it.
sk bob
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Re:Pete's - Daytona's Best 2009/01/16 19:11:25
ordering a large cheese pizza right now. can't wait another month.
hoping I will be enjoying it while watching the Barret-Jackson auction on Speedchannel.
I'll post MY review shortly.
Baah Ben
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Re:Pete's - Daytona's Best 2009/01/16 22:41:18
That pizza will have to be warmed up if it's take out!!  It's cold here tonight!  I love this weather!

Barret-Jackson?  What is that?
Re:Pete's - Daytona's Best 2009/01/17 00:10:35
I'm watching the Barret-Jackson auction as I type. I could watch it 24 hours a day.