Fruit Pies

Junior Burger
2009/01/06 20:55:22
Was pondering on what would be a good treat when it dawned on me, I haven't had a Hershberger's Amish fruit pie in a while. 

If you're ever in Ohio it's well worth the trip to Hershbergers bakery in Holmes county, aka Amish country, to pick up a minimum of a dozen fruit pies.  They have all kinds of fillings, my favorite is blackberry.  Last time I went (Sept '08) each pie was 1.45 or less if you bought a dozen.

The place is located right on Hwy 557 just south of State Route 39.
Junior Burger
Re:Fruit Pies 2009/03/12 09:22:35
hm??? sounds like a big yummy delicious fruit PIES??  i wanna love to taste one of this days...well i just hope so..

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mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Fruit Pies 2009/03/12 13:17:17

I reacted to an impulse purchase need yesterday and bought a frozen Marie Callenders RAZZLEBERRY Pie at Wally World (the only place here in Hoosierland to stock that wesern Bakery Brand). While 'frozen then baked' certainly isn't a 'Bakery fresh' Pie, it is head and shoulders above all other frozen and a good many Bakery Pies !!
BTW  RAZZLEBERRY is a combination Raspberry and Blackberry...a very good flavor combination!!

I shared the pie with my bride when she returned from a hard day's work. That scored a number of "points" on the "retired husband does good" list!!