Best Hamburgers in the World

Double Cheeseburger
2009/01/07 20:48:17
There's a place that on highway 601 in McBee SC ( the road that takes you to Myrtle Beach if you're from the Charlotte area) . I think it's called Bigs. It is behind Mcloeds Farms which is a huge fruit stand, . Their hamburgers are the best, they ground their own meat (it is also a meat store). If you go at lunch time the place is packed with locals and travelers (Mcloeds is located in the middle of nowhere and is the halfway point to the beach from Charlotte. We stop there on the way to the beach and coming back).
They came any way you want, but the best way is with Chile,mustard and onion and slaw. The fries are the bomb. They have skin on them, and come piping hot.
As a side note Mcloeds is fun to go also, they sell seasonal fruits, but their Max's Pride peaches are what their known for. They have a bakery that sells Peach Enchiladas with Homemade Ice Cream.
It is a great stop for the weary traveler or anyone that enjoys to eat.
carolina bob
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Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/09 01:50:18
I am a dedicated "burger fanatic" and have been ever since I was a kid. My job used to take me all over the country, and that allowed me to sample hamburgers from coast to coast. Unfortunately, most of them were mediocre or, at best, just average. On rare occasions, though, I come across a really special burger, and I had the good fortune to do just that earlier this week. It's called the "Country Burger", and it's served at the Country House, a restaurant / bar in Clarenden Hills, just west of Chicago. The burger is a big, beautiful charbroiled half-pounder , available on either a toasted bun, or ( my preference ) dark Bavarian bread. I ordered it medium-rare, and that's exactly how I got it. The flavor was incredible; really beefy and absolutely delicious. Great steak fries and good cole slaw come with it. Very friendly staff, too. The Country House is on 55th St., just west of IL Route 83. Highly recommended.
Baah Ben
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Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/09 02:03:24
Best Hamburgers in the world....Ok!
Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/09 02:06:38
Thank you nocarolina for the burger tip.  You should consider joining up with the ever growing, unofficial Milwaukee/Chicago social club here on Roadfood.  There is a current thread going on regarding a get together at Crocus, a Polish restaurant up in Milwaukee.  We're looking at meeting for brunch on January 25th; 11:30am.  Check it out here for details.

Welcome to Roadfood.  Hope to see you at the occasional functions our happy group holds.

Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/09 06:50:06
emsmom, thanks for the tip. Will try to stop there to/from MB when we go down to play golf. The fact that they're attached to a meat market is surely a good sign.
carolina bob
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Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/09 11:00:38
Buddy - many thanks for the invitation to join your group. Sounds great! Now that I'm retired, my schedule is EXTREMELY flexible, so count me in for Jan. 25th. I've never had Polish food before ( I know.... shame on me ), so this should be very interesting. See you in Milwaukee! 
Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/09 13:57:34
The heading alone creates a problem so to speak. Unless you have tasted every hamburger in every burger joint in the world, it's tough to make that comment
I think the recollection of eating at any particular place, the mood you were in at the time and the dining experience all add or detract from this
As much as we may not admit getting used to one particular "taste" place plays into it a lot
I don't dispute the fact that this place might quite well have a very good burger but I suppose it's all a matter of ones taste.
Heck, I would love to see a topic discussing the worst burgers L:OL
I would love to stop into this place but I would equally want to knowwhuich places to avoid
I live in Hackensack, N.J. the location of the White Manna. People seem to rave about that place all the time and though I have given it several tries, I say ho hum but that's just mho, my taste
The criteria for me, for a good burger is that it can't be too lean for example you would never make a burger out of filet mignon. It might be tender as hell but tasteless.
I want to see fat dripping off my elbow when I bite into it, I want a juicy burger
My only other preference is to eat it as plain as possible. I have this same feeling when it comes to putting steak sauce on a steak. I want to savor the taste of the meat, not mask it with all sorts of stuff.
I think once you load a burger up with pickles, cheese, onion, relish,mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and whatever, you could just as well be eating styrofoam and not know it
Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/09 15:33:08
nocarolina, make sure you visit the Crocus thread and introduce yourself.  Indicate you are interested in joining the group and how many will be in your party so we can get a head count.  It should be a fun day.  We haven't seen each other since doing an ethnic tour of Chicago Roadfood last November.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/09 17:46:27
I have had some really good burgers inthe past, so it is hard to say best.. I do think Stevens on Hwy 150 in Arcadia N.C.  is a great burger and the price is right. They are a family owned place, not that big... The burger in a basket is a great taste for a great price. 2 patties any topping you want it comes with double cheese and so many fries you can't finish them. They are made to order and the staff is very nice.
sk bob
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Re:Best Hamburgers in the World 2009/01/13 18:15:20
I' ll wait for the best hamburgers in the universe thread to share my opinion.