Luigi's, Holly Hill

Baah Ben
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2009/01/12 16:43:08
How ironic.  I just gave an annual heads up to Pete's in Daytona Beach for really good pizza.
This morning, I met the guy who is going to do our windows at the house.  He's from NJ and of course it was dueling NJ accents flying fast and furious.  I am just so happy when I meet someone from the fatherland here in Ormond Beach..It's always instant compatibility.  
One of my neighbors is outside hearing us and says "He talks just like you!"  NS So me and Chris (he's Italian) start talking shop; that's food!  He lives in Ormond Beach too and is from Lodi, NJ!  He knew all the places; The Tick Tock, Rutt's Hutt and ironically several of the Italian restaurants I did (their kitchens) in Bergen County.
He proceeds to tell me about this place that's better than Pete's!  No Way!  It's called Luigi's.  At first I did not put it together.  I immediately went to lunch there today (It's on Ridgewood just south of Publix in Holly Hill on the same side of the street) and I order two slices and a Pepsi..$3.50.. CCinNJ - Are you listening?  Amazing huh... 
The slices were delicious.  Thin crust, almost too much first rate whole milk mozz and a real nice sauce.  The place is immaculate, too.  I mean immaculate!
I hardly ever forget a face and I keep checking the owner and the waitress out.  Sure enough it finally comes to me.  This is the same Luigi's that use to be on Old Dixie Highway in Ormond Beach!  I use to go there all the time!!  
It was one of the very best pizza places in the area!  It is as good as Pete's, but they closed and nobody knew where they went.  It was right across from Plantation Bay and they did a fantastic business. 
For those of you like SK Bob, this place is wonderful and for me much closer that Pete's.  Sorry Pete, but I have to share my future pizza dining dollars now with Luigi.  Ironically, Luigi knows of Pete's and said it was very good.  Luigi is not afraid of copetition..I like that.  He's a man's man just like Pete!
Luigi did not remember me, but his wife did.  We had a nice long talk and he told me that he still owned his other place, but has sublet it to Joe's Pizza.  Joe's is bad.  He said they are still paying him.  The landlord raised his rent and he decided to sell the place to Joe's.  He had a non-compete clause so he could not open in Palm Coast.  So, he's in Holly Hill..My gain!  Ormond's gain.  I will do my best to promote Luigi.  He has been here only 8 months.  
Oh, this pizza is very, very good.  What great roadfood news..JohnA..This is our next lunch..On me Bro. 
Joe - You missed that cheesesteak by a day.  Next time..Oh, and bring JOPA with you!
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Re:Luigi's, Holly Hill 2009/01/12 16:56:44
Jeez, Looks like I missed a window job too!  What are the odds?  Now you know two Italian Windowmen.
Glad to hear you have a home run pizza place nearby.  Living in my area we take stuff like that for granted, just like you probably did in Jersey.
My daughter graduates from UCF the first week of May.  I am leaving free time in the schedule for a first class meat-up with you and John. 
Then I have to head over to the West Coast to meat-up with that Cranky Old Notre Dame Fan.
Baah Ben
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Re:Luigi's, Holly Hill 2009/01/12 19:01:05
Joe - Let's do it!  Hey, congrats on your daughter's upcoming graduation. Is Grad School next? 

In Ormond, we take nothing for granted!  No, this is not Jeerzze.

Maybe we can get the Pastrami Queen down here, too.  Maybe a bunch of rf guys and gals....Hey, we'll come all the way to Orlando this time if you like or you come to Daytona.  In between, Sanford does not offer much. 

Altamonte Springs is good though..Lots of places...Only 50 miles for us...
sk bob
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Re:Luigi's, Holly Hill 2009/01/13 18:10:25
I'M IN. make it on a weekend or an early evening dinner. Lets go!!!
sk bob
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Re:Luigi's, Holly Hill 2009/02/27 19:36:16
stopped by Luigis today about 1:30pm for a couple slices of cheese & a  soda.
no cheese slices, he asked me if I want sicilian slices, NO. he says he'll make a cheese pizza, I'm not waiting, its lunch time, he should have some already done.
I left. no time.
maybe I'll try tomorrow earlier.
I'm not a patient man.