Jade Red Chicken Recipe from Chino Bandido, AZ

2009/01/12 20:33:24

I checked their menu, both Jade Red Chicken and Pollo Diablo are listed. On the DDD, Guy's Show on Food Network she demonstrated the Jade Red Chicken. She posted the Pollo Diablo recipe on the site. How she cooked the chicken is the same for both recipes, but the sauce is different. All I know she used tomato sauce or ketchup and sugar, with some other things to make the Jade Red Sauce. If anyone watched and knows how to make the sauce let me know. Thanks This was shown yesterday at 3:00 pm, anybody watch?? Thanks for your help!!!!


Re:Jade Red Chicken Recipe from Chino Bandido, AZ 2009/01/15 09:20:43
The ingredients named were.... sesame oil, chile oil, tomato sauce, garlic, green onions and powdered sugar. I think she must have started with a base of vegetable oil.