Hello from Sosebee's Hotdogs

2009/01/18 20:15:37
Located in Toccoa Georgia and established in 1921 by my Grandfather John Sosebee.    wonderful site and i'm glad i found it.  looking forward to getting some great info and possibly passing some along as well.
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Re:Hello from Sosebee's Hotdogs 2009/01/19 09:29:30
Welcome to Roadfood!!
Where are you located in Toccoa?  What are your hours?  I would love to stop in next time I'm down that way.  Don't forget to stop by the Restaurant Professional forum.  There's alot of good folks and good reading on this site.  Enjoy yourself! And once again, welcome!
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Re:Hello from Sosebee's Hotdogs 2009/01/19 10:54:50

Circa 1921? That's impressive. Do you have a web site so we can see the menu?  Photos of the place would be cool. I bet that it has a lot of character.
I'm not so curious about the regular dogs, but tell me about hot links. Do you serve them?  They don't seem to make it up north past the Mason/Dixon Line or as much of a focus in the tubesteak discussions. I miss a good hot link.


thanks 2009/01/19 18:04:48
popsdoghouse for the welcome.  we are located on main street in downtown Toccoa which if you are familiar with Toccoa back in the 70's they closed main st and put up canopies  and made it kinda of a mall type atmosphere.(didn't work and ran most business's out of the downtown area)  my hours are M-F 11am till 7pm...Sat 11am till 3pm.  stop by next time your in this area.
doggydaddy thanks for your response as well, let me if i may give you a little history about our place...as i stated my Grandfather started in 1921 and ran the restaurant untill 1962 at which time my father Sam bought the business...my father ran it untill 1977 when as i mentioned above the main st in Toccoa was closed also closing traffic to our place.   it still ran until the late 80's when it was finally closed.   now main street opened back up and we(my wife and I) were fortunate enough to get the same building that my Grandfather had and in June of this year we re-opened.   i do not have a website(i am tech handicapped,lol)  but i do have plenty of memorabilia from our place i.e. pictures and such.   in fact have a 1951 menu that list the number of Hotdogs served since we opened in 1921.  6,750,000 sold between 1921 and 1951, and no telling how many from 1951 till late 80's.   i have kept track of my sales of course and since jun 9th, 08 have sold a tad over 70,000 HD's. 
our Chili Dogs are our specialty, most order it all the way(Chili, mustard and onions) we do offer Slaw, Relish, Cheese and Kraut as condiments.    starting Feb 1st we will offer Nathan's wieners for those who prefer(like me) a very high quality brand of HD.   we also serve a family specialty Irish Stew that was a big seller for my G'father and Father and also Veggie soup for the winter time.   but as the name suggest we are a HD place and thats what we sell.    something that may be of interest, back in Aug we had a order of 12 Chili Dogs"all the way" placed from a lady in Sacramento California.  she paid shipping and dry ice cost to ship 12 hd's to Cali.  she had grown up on my Grandfathers hotdogs and when she heard we re-opened she said she had to have some.   thought it was kinda neat.
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Re:thanks 2009/01/19 19:41:18
Interesting history.  I want to come experience it first hand.  Will try to make it down there in the next few weeks.
Re:thanks 2009/02/12 22:03:00
send ur info and pics to hotdogshops.com and im sure he will add u
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Re:thanks 2009/04/22 20:41:50
Stopped in today and had chilli dogs all the way joined by two friends.  We all had  chilli, onions and mustard on 'em.  Great dogs.  Lunch special was 2 dogs all the way, chips (good variety) and a diet coke (I know, what's the point) for 5 bucks. Great deal.  They had 3 choices for hot sauce, Tabasco, Texas Petes and Franks Red Hot as well as red pepper available.  Will go back when I'm in town.  Folks at the office I was at love 'em.   
Large Man 2009/04/25 07:00:15
thanks for stopping by and glad to hear you enjoyed your Dogs, we do appreciate your business and thank you for posting!
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Re:Large Man 2010/02/26 13:11:54
I was able to have a couple of your dogs all the way with my cousin (Jan) the other day for lunch.
I am a super fan of THE V which is across the street from the North Avenue Trade School in Atlanta.
I would have to say yours were better than the National Icon's hot dog.
I went home and told my wife how great they were and we will come back when we are in the area.
I am sure your Father and Grandfather are looking down and are very pleased with what you are doing.  You are caring on the legacy and will no doubt be a success.
I know this is my first post on this site, but I did a google search looking for the address to send Bud a quick note and this thread popped up. 
I have of affiliation with this restaurant.
I sure wish I had a couple for lunch today.  LOL
Re:Large Man 2010/02/27 16:29:29
Dean thank you for support!   it was good to meet you and i look forward to seeing you in the future.