Nabisco Sugar Wafers

Junior Burger
2009/01/20 07:40:21
I love Biscos...or I used to love Biscos. I stopped buying them regularly about a year ago because they are so good I would just inhale them. Then 6 months ago I bought a box and they didn't taste quite right. I noticed for a while they were not on the shelves at the super market. But this week I saw them, and thought I would try them again. They are horrible. The wafer part is thinner and not as crisp, and the filling leaves a slimy coating in my mouth. I called Nabisco (Kraft) and was told they didn't change their formulation, and there was no explanation except that maybe my super market didn't store the packages properly. Does anyone know what happened to Biscos???
Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Nabisco Sugar Wafers 2009/01/20 08:24:26
I don't know what happened, but as a former addict who was able to quit a while ago but then thought I would splurge on a box fairly recently, I completely agree with you that Sugar Wafers have changed big-time! Today's cookies are nothing like the ones I used to consider the best sweet thing on earth. as described in this Roadfood Digest entry. I don't like the current ones at all. I have, however, found that Keebler's brand sugar wafers, sold around here only in 69-cent packs of 8, are very, very good ... and almost as habit forming.
Re:Nabisco Sugar Wafers 2009/01/20 10:49:43
My wife and I just finished a box of SW's and we agree that they are not as good as before. There doesn't seem to be any substance just a lot of air(lightnest) in the wafer and the filling. The hard to open individual  packages remain hard to open. Bring a box cutter or have very strong teeth to tear them open.
Re:Nabisco Sugar Wafers 2009/01/20 17:22:39
Maybe they removed the trans fat? I notice several things that don't taste quite the same now, and I figure it is due to them having to remove trans fat.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Nabisco Sugar Wafers 2009/01/20 20:06:39
they are not even close to what they were. Use to be my favorite snack
Junior Burger
Re:Nabisco Sugar Wafers 2009/01/23 16:51:45
hello all,
I think I may know a cookie that is similar to what you are describing here. They are called "Balkan" and are from Africa, a wafer coated with dark chocolate----yummy. But since I never had the ones you talk about, I could be way off base.

Just wanted to try and give you some new fun food to try.

fun and good taste starts here....candy