Let's talk cajun food

Junior Burger
2009/01/25 21:29:45
Okay, maybe I don't know much since I am from Pennsylvania, but I have been to Louisianna once and have had a drive-thru daquiri.  (Yes a drive-thru alcoholic drink)  It comes in a plain white styrofoam cup with a piece of tape over the hole in the lid.  Just don't remove the tape and your safe ;)  haha yeah right, now how would that be getting the full experience! 
Anyway, I made sure while I was there that I had the real authentics like boudin, crawfish, and crawfish etoufee.   YUMMY!!  Just gotta like a little spice
So point being, I have been longing for some good cajun food ever since.  Just like you get a hankering for some good italian or chinese or maybe even a good Texas steak and sweet potato, I got this craving for some good cajun food.  The difference is, is that if want any of those other foods you can go to restaurant here in PA and get it, or walk down the grocery isle and pick some up, but where oh where do you get good cajun??
ANSWER... did you hear me?  I have the ANSWER!!!!!
Savoie's Real Cajun Food Products
I ordered it online and it arrived perfect.   OH MY GOD, YUMMY YUMMY
A seafood pie (top quality) with some zing.  OUTSTANDING
crawfish etoufee to die for, and I cherish life, but dang, put it over rice and you would almost be okay with it being your last meal.
Anyway visit  www.savoiesfoods.com for real good, real authentic cajun food.
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I'm holding off until April then I get the real thing full infusion of Cajun food in Louisiana and I can't wait.
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Those are all great suggestions.  As a wannabe Cajun I've purchased from most.

You need to try making some of your own.  Very satisfying in more ways than one.
Re:Let's talk cajun food 2009/05/05 07:25:29
About an hour from you in descending order of price:  In West Chester, High Street Caffe and Crawdaddies.  Another fifteen minutes to Booths Corner Farmers Market (Fri and Sat only) is Cajun Kates.
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Re:Let's talk cajun food 2009/05/05 08:03:09
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Let's talk cajun food 2009/05/05 08:10:16
Get yourself some Zatarain's, Tony's, (Tony Chachere's) and Crystal (or Tabasco) and Konriko rice. Also, learn how to make a roux, and the Trinity - red onion/celery/green pepper, and you can make almost anything taste "authentic Cajun".