Jamaican patties

Junior Burger
2003/11/23 18:49:58
Since I moved to Honduras, one of the things I find myself missing is tha variety of wonderful patties available at the small chain of Jamaica Bakeries in Hartford, CT. There was chicken and beef in the more traditional flaky wrapper, but there was also a very spicy vegetable in a whole wheat wrapper, spinach 'n cheese and broccoli 'n cheese in a cornbread-like wrapper, as well as a meatloaf in a puffy white bread wrapper. I can make a fair duplication of these fillings but cannot anyone give me any tips on making the wrappers other than the flaky kind? - Tom
Filet Mignon
RE: Jamaican patties 2003/11/23 21:04:04
When we lived in Jamaica we loved them---seems to me that the crust was much like our pie crust with the addition of curry powder.We found some "spicy meat pies" here in Oklahoma that are VERY close but no curry in the crust.