Deep fryed dogs

Junior Burger
2003/11/23 19:13:46
Almost don't want to say this but whats a deep fryed hot dog? Can it be done at home in a deep fryer? Skin or skinless? Beef or beef and pork? I live out in Arizona and have not come across one. Should I be looking that much harder or what? Sure sounds like something that I want to try. If anyone knows where to get one in Az I would like to know.
RE: Deep fryed dogs 2003/11/23 21:21:37
I vote for the Natural Casing, Pork ....
Can I get Kraut & Mustard on that
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Deep fryed dogs 2003/11/24 09:08:23
Ah, takes me back to my misspent youth when I would go to a hole in the wall joint, patronized by the pressmen of a local paper. They served the best deep fried koshers, wrapped in bologne on a kaiser type hot dog roll. "One, with everything please!" Sadly, the spot where this place once stood now is home to a mega story, glass & steel, shopping/hotel complex at Baltimore's inner harbor.
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Deep fryed dogs 2003/11/24 19:30:46
Don't know about Arizona, but deep fried hot dogs are common in Baltimore, where they are split and deep fried, Connecticut, and New Jersey. They can be either all beef or beef/pork; skinless or with casing. My favorite types are the all beef Best brand dogs from Jersey that are deep fried along with peppers, potato slices and onions, and thrown in half a loaf of circular Italian Bread. This is called an Italian Hot Dog, and is unique to N.J. The other type is a pork based dog made especially for deep frying by Thumann's, also from Jersey. This dog differs from their regular dog (called a griller) in that it contains semolina and hydrolized soy protein which aid in frying and causes the dog to plump up. This dog is served at the famous Rutt's Hutt, and also Libby's, Hiram's, The Goffle Grill, and Johnny & Hanges, all in Jersey. Conneticut, specifically the southern part of the state, specializes in deep fried dogs. My favorite is an all beef Hummels brand dog that is deep fried and served at a place in Norwalk called Swanky Franks. Rawley's in nearby Fairfield allso deep fries, then grills a Roessler's beef/pork dog.