Stingaree re-opens after Ike

2009/02/20 02:41:42
This is really a surprise.  I haven't been over on the peninsula and only been to Galveston once since the storm (pretty depressing) but everything I've heard or seen made me think everything on Bolivar was flatter than a pancake due to the 22' storm surge.

Stingaree was famous for all you can eat crab I think (I'd never been, just heard about it).

Houston Chronicle story with pictures
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Re:Stingaree re-opens after Ike 2009/02/20 06:41:50
I checked out the web site.  as far as crab goes I only saw softshell and stuffed crabs.  They also have a fried crab claw app, a cassarole, broiled lump crab meat and crab cakesCrabmeat Au Gratin
When you said AUCE crab, did you mean fresh blues?
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Re:Stingaree re-opens after Ike 2009/02/22 05:34:29
Yes, I'm sure that's what it would be here on the Texas coast.  I couldn't remember where I read or heard about the ayce but was looking for it and came across this from several years ago.  Maybe it's been discontinued for good or just because they aren't in season?