Great Road Food Mexican - This is the real deal - El Fagon Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Junior Burger
2009/02/20 13:36:06
About an hour south of the Cancun airport is the once sleepy little towm of Play del Carmen Mexico.  These days it has expanded to include a Sam's Club and a Wal-Mart and its once uncrowded beaches and chill atmosphere has been taken over by crowds less than stellar restaurants and high prices along 5th avenue.  But there's hope.  On the corner of Aviende 30 (30th Avenue) and Calle 6 (6th Street) is a quaint Taqueria called El Fagon.
Your first hint at what's in store as you approach is the guy deftly carving Al Pastor (sort of like a pork schwarma marinted in citurs and chilis) right off the spit onto soft corn tortillas.  The port is tipped with a piece of fres pinapple, fresh cilantro and onions and served with a lime to squeeze on them.  No lettuce and cheese here.  The little morsels of heavan run 70 Pesos (about 55 ents). Then there's tortas (Meican sandwiches) which you can get will all manner of grilled (yes over charcoal) meats.  Out favorite is the Aranchera Beef (marinated skirt steak) grilled and diced on a bakery fresh roll topped Oaxaca Cheese (Pronounced WaHaKa) and fresh sliced avacado and tomato.  The meat was so tender I though I was eating Filet but is was much more flavorful.  These were a wopping 250 pesos (about $2).  Add a punch of taco, a few tortas, a pot of Chara beans, guacamole, and 2 beers a piece and my wife and I had a hard time spending 200 pesos (about 6 bucks)
So if you're in the Yucatan and on the way to your favorite resort, stop here for the real deal and you'll wish you had never booked that all inclusive because I guarantee you'll be slipping off the resort for another yummy meal at El Fagon.
Re:Great Road Food Mexican - This is the real deal - El Fagon Playa Del Carmen Mexico 2009/02/20 16:58:31
Guy, can we start one of those in the US? Just remember what Rubio did. We could be rich!

We have a pretty good thread about Tacos Al Pastor floating around here somewhere. I love those tacos! I am working on an "easy way" recipe. Your welcome to chime in at that thread.  And... welcome to Roadfood!

Many many years ago, in that neck of the woods, I had a dish new to me called Queso Flamido. Man was it good. I later learned to make my own... since I don't get down south that often.
Re:Great Road Food Mexican - This is the real deal - El Fagon Playa Del Carmen Mexico 2009/03/02 10:14:35
I've had quite a few meals at El Fagon and it is without a doubt the best place to eat in PDC. Brush up on your Spanish cause they didn't speak English when I was there. The Aranchera Beef was my favorite also but everything on the menu is good. I love the way they grill whole spanish green onions.