Oriental fries

Junior Burger
2009/02/23 06:03:27
The best fries I've ever had come from a little hole in the wall place on 18th St. in Waco, TX called Kitok's.
The potatoes, along with a bit of onion, carrot, and parsley are sliced long and thin like shoestrings.
Then they are dipped in a tempura-like batter and fried.
I don't know how they slice them ... probably some specialty machine as they're not just grated ... and what the exact recipe is for all the ingredients, seasoning and batter,  but I'd give anything to have it for family gatherings.
Has anyone out there ever had anything like these Oriental Fries?
Junior Burger
Re:Oriental fries 2009/05/05 03:31:22
I have had a homemade version of panko breaded fries that sounds similar. Actually, believe it or not, it was based off a Martha Stewart recipe. I think this is the one:

The version I had were also sliced thinner than the recipe calls for, similar to the fries you are describing.
senor boogie woogie
Re:Oriental fries 2009/12/26 09:17:32
A little late on the post, but here is a webpage to someone who went into the place and loved the fries, and the hamburger did not look bad either.

Junior Burger
Re:Oriental fries 2011/10/30 03:09:02
  These Oriental fries are THE BEST.
I'd give anything for a recipe!!!
Re:Oriental fries 2011/10/30 14:05:01
Wish I hadn't of missed this thread.
All I got to eat in Waco this past July was a Fat Ho Burger.
Re:Oriental fries 2011/11/24 08:41:42

  These Oriental fries are THE BEST.
I'd give anything for a recipe!!!

Singeli,  we are planning to make our first trip to Austin in the next few weeks.  Thanks to yor tip we'll be having lunch in Waco.  Thanks!