DiCola's (Chicago)

2009/02/24 12:05:06
When I was living in the Chicago area 20+ years ago I would occasionally go to DiCola's Seafood, which I think might've been on Ogden Avenue in either Western Springs or Hinsdale.  However, a Google search shows the only DiCola's today to be in Chicago proper, near 108th and Western.
Does anyone remember the satellite location I'm thinking of?  The seafood was served either raw or cooked, with a few tables for informal dining and I'm pretty sure it was counter service.
Filet Mignon
Re:DiCola's (Chicago) 2009/02/25 08:37:24
Brad -

It was located at York and Ogden Avenues in the Gateway Shopping Center.  Later it moved west to 75th Street.  Not sure if it is still around.

In addition to fine seafood products, I beleive they had a substantail discount for all Cubs fans!