Lenny's Sub Shop

Howard Baratz
2003/12/01 10:16:16
This mini-chain (I think around 50 stores) has just opened here and I am looking for some input re: their quality. I have no dream that their Philly Cheesesteaks match those in the Philadelphia/Atlantic City area or that their Italian combination subs match the great heroes I grew up eating from the Pork Stores in Little Italy in NY but living in Oklahoma means one must compromise on these things. If this place offers a good alternative to the Subway/Blimpie's choices that I have now, I would be happy.

Can anyone offer a review of Lenny's Subs?
RE: Lenny's Sub Shop 2003/12/01 12:12:55
Hi Howard,

I haven't tried anything at Lenny's but the chicken salad -- but that's because it's so good, I won't order anything else. The chicken salad has big chunks of meat, and it's *always* fresh -- they don't leave the leftovers in the walk-in overnight to be used the next day.

I've heard from others that the meat they use for Italian subs is high quality.

The bread is definitely better than both Subway and Blimpie's. I'd try out Lenny's if I were you -- if your other choices are Subway and Blimpie's, I'm pretty confident that you're going to like Lenny's a lot better.

Your neighbor in NW Arkansas,

RE: Lenny's Sub Shop 2004/01/10 15:53:00
So, Howard, did you ever try it? What did you think?
Howard Baratz
RE: Lenny's Sub Shop 2004/01/10 17:35:29
Originally posted by Laughing Goddess

So, Howard, did you ever try it? What did you think?

Yes, I did. Although not the sub shop of my dreams, Lenny's does a fine job and it is head and shoulders above the local and chain competition here in Tulsa.

Their Philly Cheesesteak is quite tasty (sorry Cheesewit, provolone is the cheese of choice here) and their Italian Cold Cut Sub is loaded with freshly sliced, good quality deli meats. I am also fond of Lenny's hot pepper relish, which in the vernacular of Mr. Lagasse really "kicks it up a notch".

An extra added attraction is the extremely friendly and gracious service.
Art Deco
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Lenny's Sub Shop 2004/03/08 15:42:12
Thw Lenny's here in Nashville are the best subs around. I think they do quite a good job, at least with their cold subs. I never get their hot ones, so I can't comment on them... Agreed on the hot pepper relish and on the chicken salad...