mary mac's

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/12/02 16:49:00
Just want to report that my family and I had an early lunch at Mary Mac's Tea Room in Atlanta on our way to the airport there on Sunday and it was wonderful. The chicken was juicy, with such a crispy, spicy crust. After two huge pieces, my wife suggested I save the other two for later. I considered it briefly, then dug back in and finished them. I figured if our plane crashed, it would probably be a great last meal. Luckily, we got back to Chicago safe and sound, but top-quality fried chicken is hard to find around here. Guess I'll head to Mr. Beef soon to have something Chicago specializes in.
RE: mary mac's 2003/12/02 18:11:18
I went to Mary Mac's about 9 years ago. Glad to hear they are still going strong! Their "pot likker" almost knocked me out of seat" />