rainbow trout

blue heaven
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2009/03/15 08:32:36

Hi I just went my local fish market and bought some lovely rainbow trout all cleaned and filleted.  Any suggestions on how to cook them?  I was thinking of just sauteeing in some butter and lemon.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/15 09:32:42
If its good trout, you can't go wrong w/ that. I have only cooked trout I have caught in Skaneateles Lake, myself...and I have to say I haven't cooked too many...tough lake to fish (for me any way).

I have also done a recipe where you put salt and pepper and some chopped fresh sage in the cavity, wrap the fish w/ a couple strips of bacon and pan fry it...Other wise its from the salmon family but milder tasting so you can treat it similarly..
seafarer john
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Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/15 12:11:13
Saute in butter and squeezing on abit of lemon when serving is good. 

They grill up very nicely if you have one of those devices that holds the filets firmly in place so they can be turned. If you have access to any sorrel it works very well to wrap them in sorrel  with a slice of lemon and some butter and grill as above.

They also work out nicely under the broiler - no turning necessary -  with a bit of butter, lemon (tarragon, chervil).

Cheers, john  

ann peeples
Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/15 12:49:10
Love rainbow trout! I saute in butter, ad a dash of old Bay seasoning, or if I dont have that, a dash of garlic powder and Lawreys seasoned salt.Finish with a sqeeze of lemon...yum
Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/15 12:59:59
I love Rainbow trout. My local Wholefood's store sells it fresh almost daily. Because I just cook for myself, they are nice enough to cut one side off for me.
I like to dust it with (depending on my mood) seasoned rice flour, corn flour, seasoned flour like Zaterian's or, what ever I have at the time. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes I use an egg wash Dore' style.
I saute in butter and olive oil for a few minutes on each side until golden brown. A generous squeeze of fresh lemon and a good dollop of tarter sauce and a crisp white wine and, voila! It's what for dinner.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/15 13:21:16
Your dealing with a htchery trout.  Do to how they are raised and fed they are all about the same.  Pale flesh, almost anemic looking.  They dont have much flavor either.  The difference between those and a wild caught is nite and day.  there theey have a deep ruby red colored flesh and a lot more flavor.
What you will taste most with the store trout is how youseason them.  Just like a veal scallopini they dont have much flavor but are great with a sauce.
the easiest way is to coat the trouy with seasoned flour or dredge in corn meal and fry it in a skillet.   If you have an oven proof sautee pan pre heat the oven to 450 thaen brown the coated trout FLESH side down.  Brown and turn the immediately put the pan in the oven for about 10 min.  This gives a perfect trout.  The skin should be crisp like a perfectly baked potato.
Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/15 13:29:00
i absolutely LOVE rainbow trout!!
if it's just fillets, some fresh squeezed lemon juice and some fresh pressed garlic with a touch of salt and pepper and maybe some thyme and then saute in olive oil or butter or a combo of both.  or you can just bake or broil it (and can avoid using the butter and/or oil)
when i get whole rainbows, i stuff them with a mix of spinach and onion (flavored with fresh lemon juice and fresh pressed garlic and s&p) and make a foil pocket and then either grill it (if it's summertime) or bake it.  i always have frozen chopped spinach on hand and i just defrost it (squeeze out excess moisture) and the onions i'll lightly saute in olive oil - just to get them half-cooked - and then mix the two up and season and then stuff the fish.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/20 14:06:18
I fillet my trout, salt & pepper, dust in flour, light eggwash, then roll in a seasoned breadcrumb/panko/crushed macademia nut mixture.  Pan fry in 50/50 butter/olive oil just under smoke temp so it's a quick fry.  Serve up with a lime wedge.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/24 01:20:50
You have gotten some good advice above.

I did a lot of trout fishing in Calif. Usually we cleaned the fish and then grilled them whole. Trout is a very bony fish so be careful, even with the fillets.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/24 01:29:01
  I like fresh whole trout salted, peppered, and dusted in flour. Pan saute and then remove. To the pan add a few capers, some shallots, a little white wine, and fresh lemon juice. Reduce by half and then add a few pats of real butter and a little parsley off the heat. salt to taste. "Trout a la Munier"

David O.
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Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/24 11:55:51

You have gotten some good advice above.

I did a lot of trout fishing in Calif. Usually we cleaned the fish and then grilled them whole. ....

Man, there is nothing better camping than super fresh trout grilled over a campfire.
the grillman
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Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/31 11:45:47
Grilled trout is the best, in my book.  After that, broiled.  I think they are too good a fish to fry, but if you want to, go ahead.

I'll agree with Britneal regarding hatchery vs. wild trout.  Hatchery trout are pale and very mild flavored, not that there's anything wrong with that.  If you are fortunate enough to catch a wild-born trout, their flesh is closer to that of a salmon, and much more flavorful. 
Don't forget to brine and smoke a few trout, too.
Michael Hoffman
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Re:rainbow trout 2009/03/31 11:52:44
I'm not a big fan of trout -- on the table, that is. With the exception of the occasional lake trout and steelhead I release alive all the trout I catch, except for those that won't survive release.
Fishermans Friend
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Re:rainbow trout 2013/04/28 19:06:06
I love rainbow trout. My favorite rainbow trout recipe is with a honey glaze and almonds (google rainbow trout recipes.net to find recipe). Although I do like it smoked as well. Oh, its really nice with panko breadcrumbs too 
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:rainbow trout 2013/04/28 22:01:23
Well, then there was that time I smoked the trout on a weber and used it as a filling in ravioli and served it with a gorgonzola cream sauce...
Double Cheeseburger
Re:rainbow trout 2013/04/29 01:31:13
Fresh caught in the morning, gutted and cleaned on the spot, some salt and pepper, fried in bacon grease over a wood fire. Pure Heaven. Has served me well for 50 plus years.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:rainbow trout 2013/04/29 10:27:46
I have mountain trout a few times.  personally, I found it a bit like salmon and a little bit oily?  I guess it is just me as many folks sure do enjoy it.
Several years ago when I was in the Air National Guard, one of my friends Jimmy Reagan from Gatlinburg who owned a restaurant and hotel in the tourist city took me fishing during summer camp.  He fished the streams around the Smokies a lot.  We caught about 100 small trout and gutted them and cooked them whole with potatoes, onions, cornbread and a lot of liquor.  When they where  small, (about 4-5 inch), they were not oily??  We ate them like French fries. Bones and all.
Mature ones were a bit too oily for me.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Re:rainbow trout 2013/04/29 14:46:13

Fresh caught in the morning, gutted and cleaned on the spot, some salt and pepper, fried in bacon grease over a wood fire. Pure Heaven. Has served me well for 50 plus years.

Now you're talkin!  And in a cast-iron pan!   

Filet Mignon
Re:rainbow trout 2013/04/29 15:02:11
We have made trout at home in a cast iron pan but the best I ever had was 25+/- years ago at a cafe in the Teton Village Wyoming. Fresh caught almost out the door. We went back another day for their trout breakfast.