Pizzeria Due update

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/03/18 12:15:23
I was back to Pizzeria Due in Chicago earlier this month (the sister restaurant of the original Pizzeria Uno down the street) and am happy to report that the cheese pizza we had was excellent - as good as I remember from my youth. If you recall, I'd been back there a couple times earlier this decade and was very disappointed. On one visit, the server refunded my money after I complained about the pizza quality, giving me the feeling he was used to such complaints.
Not so this time. The pizza was top-notch, and definitely a step above the Lou Malnati's I'd eaten the previous week. My wife and older son also were happy with the food (my younger son said the pizza had too much cheese and refused to eat it).
My parents, who live walking distance from Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due, have also been happy on their recent visits. So it looks like these venerable institutions of Chicago-style pizza are truly back!
ann peeples
Re:Pizzeria Due update 2009/03/19 08:35:15
I took my cousins to Pizzaria Due last summer, and all were very happy. They had never been to Chicago before, so along with the food, they found the architecure of the old buildings fascinating.
Junior Burger
Re:Pizzeria Due update 2009/03/23 16:12:17
Hmm. I've never had a bad pie@Due's. I feel like I dodged a bullet somehow. I'd hate to have had that institution drop in my eyes. =D