Are San Antonio flautas the same as Cal-Mex taquitos?

2009/03/19 11:19:43

A good friend of ours has returned from his first sojourn to San Antonio and he raved about the breakfast at Mi Tierra, an eatery landmark of St.  Anthony with a great bar and ambience. He also told us about a couple of regional dishes like breakfast migas and flautas. The way he described flautas,  they sound like a longer version of Cal Mex taquitos, a rolled yellow corn tortilla stuffed with whatever and fried. Is my assumption correct that flautas and taquitos are the same item with a different name?
Re:Are San Antonio flautas the same as Cal-Mex taquitos? 2009/03/19 11:52:26
So far as I know the difference is supposed to be taquito = corn tortilla, flauta = flour tortilla but there aren't any laws about terminology so the two terms seem to be used pretty interchangeably.

In my experience flautas tend to be larger in girth, 2x or more.

I think of taquitos as a fast food item (Whataburger serves them) and almost never order them elsewhere.  I've always thought they were Tex-Mex, too; I'm not sure the term is used in Mexico but maybe someone else can say.  I see flautas on taqueria menus all the time and the pictures look like fat taquitos but I never order them so I don't know what kind of tortilla is used.

Another term is tacos dorados.
Re:Are San Antonio flautas the same as Cal-Mex taquitos? 2009/03/19 20:32:11
Dexmat, you're basically correct: taquitos are corn and flautas are flour.  However, in some parts of Mexico, flautas are made with corn tortillas.  What usually distinguishes the two are the length.  Flautas are long and made with burrito size tortillas and can be a main dish.  Taquitos are generally shorter and served as antojitos or appetizers. 

Either short or long, flautas and taquitos can sure hit the spot when you're hungry.
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Re:Are San Antonio flautas the same as Cal-Mex taquitos? 2009/03/30 12:00:05
 Yeah around here flautas are usally long, and around here they seem to be at least the ones i've eaten made of corn tortillas, and i assume also flour tortillas.Flauta means flute in Spanish, and in shape they resemble a flute, hence the name.
Taquitos are made with shorter corn tortillas, taquito i assume means, little taco .Also different parts of mexico may have different names for the same thing. Like  faucet.In some parts of the US it's called a faucet, and in others a spigot, though both refer to the same thing.