Pretzels: soft, hard, NYC, Philly or the IMO best-Solvang

2009/03/23 12:02:18
In my travels to 42 of the 50 states I have had more than my share of pretzels, local street vendors, regional packaged brands as well as the national brands. I like Philly style, soft, warm and with mustard, sometimes NYC pretzels can be good but often they are not. I like Snyders's sourdough nuggets and Newman's own unsalted, there are also some tasty bran pretzels available at natural grocers-I forget the brand.
Aunt Fannie's pretzels are very good and I like all of their varities except the jalapeƱo and cinnamon styles, their garlic are excellent byt the plain one are best of all. The best pretzels are made in the replica Danish town of Solvang CA north of Ventura in So Cal. Various bakeries in Sovang make pretzels to die for with sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese on the side for spreading if desired. If you have never been to Solvang it is a must see town. not far from the original Andersen's Split-Pea Soup restaurant. If you're ever driving between Santa Barbara and Ventura or L A counties, it is well worth your 15 minute detour off of Hiway 101 into the Santa Inez Valley and into Solvang, they even have a nice winery next door in the town of Santa Inez, where there is also one of the Californai Missions of El Camino Real
My wife and I have been regular visitors to Solvang, 2 or 3 times a years since the mid-1970s, unlike other tourist destinations, Solvang has grown little since then and has avoided overt commercialization and Disneyfication, YESSS!!!!!