Brown Edge Wafer Cookies

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/03/30 16:01:51
Does anyone remember Brown Edge Wafers (I believe Nabisco made them)? I used to get them up until about 8 years ago and now I can't find them. I guess they went to discontinued cookie heaven.
They were my favorite cookie made. I can find them every once in a while in a rolled up cookie version at Big Lots but I like the flat wafer ones better.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Brown Edge Wafer Cookies 2009/03/30 17:20:41
Al, they were one of mine, too. My mother used to buy them and I would eventually sneak the whole box. Nice vanilla flavor, crunchy, delicious. We should ask Nabisco to bring them back.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Brown Edge Wafer Cookies 2009/03/30 17:32:23
They were a big favorite of mine too. I remember my grandmother having them on hand a lot when I'd visit her. It would be fantastic to have them back; but I'm not holding my breath.
Re:Brown Edge Wafer Cookies 2009/03/30 19:59:19
i used to love those!!!  didn't even know they were discontinued (i'm not much of a sweets eater anymore)...found a link to  nabisco's feedback form 

we need to tell nabisco that they need to bring them back!!
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Re:Brown Edge Wafer Cookies 2009/04/11 17:45:21
I did contact them via the feedback form; they e-maiiled me back with the usual--sometimes they have to discontinue items that are not selling well, even though lots of people like them, etc. etc.  Don't hold your breath....
bosco lover
Re:Brown Edge Wafer Cookies 2009/06/17 13:14:43
i loved them too. it was a treat we never had at home, only at grandma's house. my sister and i would go through a box in an afternoon
Junior Burger
Re:Brown Edge Wafer Cookies 2011/11/26 22:13:18
If any one wants the closest if not the same flavor of these great cookies.... try Americas Choice vanilla wafers. I found them in waldbaums and pathmark.I would eat a box of brown edges dunking in milk. Had to do it quick too,or they'd fall in milk.I was eating them for 30 years.With the Americas Choice I use a spoon and milk......GREAT!
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