Seltzer-bubbly water and flavors

2009/04/10 00:41:10
With the increased awareness of the neccesity of drinking water over the last several years I have seen the growth of bubbly, carbonated water and seltzer. Companies such as Arrowhead,  Calistoga, Canada Dry and "generic market" brand not only have seltzer and carbonated water, but have them in various flavors without sugar of other additives keeping them calories free.
I have never been much of a plain water consumer.always preferrng bubby waters, even club soda, so going back to the 1970s I always added my own flavoring to the water, I'd squeeze a lemon, orange or lime and squirt some into the seltzer. I also would add extracts to create varieties, cherry, vanilla, pineapple, coconut, strawberry or chocolate, always natural pure extracts like Watkins or other specialty brands. I would also create blends like vanilla and cherry, vanilla and  orange-tastes like a creamsicle, chocolate and cherry or pineapple and coconut, pina colada. Since I don't add sugar they remain calorie free and very tasty while getting my 8 glasses of water a day
We raised our 2 children on these beverages as well as squeezing juices and honey into kool aid mixes rather than using sugar, now they do the same for their children, our grand children. I also use my juicers to make the best sparkling lemonade ever, fresh lemon with the peel, juiced with granny smith apples and then add some sparkling water. bubbly water or seltzer, perfect for summer.
 Like the old TV ad from the 70s used to say, try it-you'll like it
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Re:Seltzer-bubbly water and flavors 2009/04/11 12:07:13
I did try this once with the Cherry Extract from Watkins. It had alcohol in it & tasted terrible. Those extracts are made for baking, so the alcohol burns out. I never tried any of the other flavors because of this.

I miss New York Seltzer & Zeltzer Seltzer. They had good flavors.

Now I drink LaCroix, Mendota Springs or sometimes the store brand seltzers. They have lime, raspberry, orange, lemon, lemon lime, etc.
Re:Seltzer-bubbly water and flavors 2009/04/11 18:00:59
Thanks for posting this topic! I recently started drinking seltzer water as an alternative to plain water from the tap. I usually just get the store brand, and usually lemon-lime, although I've branched out to mandarin orange and raspberry. None of them have any sweetener of any kind, fortunately. I am trying very hard to stay away from sugar, but even splenda doesn't taste good to me. I'd rather do without completely than to try to get used to something that I don't like the taste of, if anyone can make sense of that!

At any rate, I'm enjoying the flavored seltzer water, and good for me that I'm the only one in the house that does. LOL Right now, I'm drinking tap water with a slice of fresh lemon.
Re:Seltzer-bubbly water and flavors 2009/04/19 11:57:57
I have been told by people who know- or claim to know that seltzer because of the carbonation is better for one digestive system than just plain water with all the benifits of water as well
That's my 2-cents plain