"Soft Cream"...Anyone remember it???

2009/04/15 14:59:30
Years ago I think I asked this, but we have so many new members, I thought I'd try again. Growing up in Union City, NJ in the 1950's, there were two old fashioned ice cream parlors,MYER'S and SCHONER'S which served a soft creamy ice cream both called "soft cream" Now this was not at all like custard or today's soft serve ice cream. It came, I believe only in Vanilla. My favorite was "Soft Cream" and banana's. Soft cream served around sliced bananas. I've never met anyone who remembers "Soft Cream" Oh I wish it were still around. It was much smoother and creamier than soft serve custard...more like a very thick,rich cream.
                Anyone remember "Soft Cream"????