Pepsi natural

Double Cheeseburger
2009/04/18 00:35:04

Another new offering from Pepsi. I received a 50 cent coupon yesterday. It's going to be sold in 4 pack glass bottles, made with just three ingredients, carbonated water, sugar and koala nut extract. It's a lighter color than Pepsi or Pepsi throwback. It's also going to be more expensive and compete with brands like Jones or IBC.
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Pepsi natural 2009/04/28 00:03:30
Has anyone else heard about this as I would at least like to try it.

Dennis in Cary
Junior Burger
Re:Pepsi natural 2009/05/03 03:44:41
What the heck does koala nut extract taste like? Does this soda attempt to taste like Pepsi at all, or is it meant to be a completely different flavor? I'd be very interested if Pepsi could be approximated in 3 natural ingredients rather than the whole list in regular Pepsi. Do you think it will be sold widely, or is it a very limited distribution?
sunnyside up
Re:Pepsi natural 2009/05/03 07:00:22
I have had Pepsi Natural from our local market. It reminds me of the Pepsi of my youth with the true sugar sweetness. It is pricey at $1.40 a bottle, but for that delicious taste, I don't mind paying the price.