Richard's Drive-In Car-feterias

carolina bob
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2009/04/19 12:15:43
Back in the 1950s and early/mid '60s, there were, in the Chicago area, several units of a drive-in restaurant chain called Richard's Drive-In Car-feterias. I specifically remember two locations; 87th St. and Stony Island Ave. in Chicago and W. 95th St. in or near Evergreen Park. There were others but I don't know their locations. I also remember a catchy radio jingle around 1960 or '61. The chain had restaurants both in the Midwest and on the East Coast, as Michael Karl Witzel's book The American Drive-In features a photo of a Richard's located in Cambridge MA circa 1957. The one in the photo matches my memories exactly, right down to the logo ( boy and girl twins munching on their double-deck "Twinburgers". ) My family ate at the Stony Island location a few times, and I remember the Twinburgers as being very similar to a Big Mac, only MUCH better. I'm very eager to learn more about this fond childhood memory; does anyone besides me remember Richard's? 
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Re:Richard's Drive-In Car-feterias 2009/04/19 15:12:24

As a kid the best burger I ever remember was at A&W.  The Teen Burger.  The combo of raw onion bacon and cheddar was a first for me.  Its never been equaled, that first taste except maybe my first whopper in 64.
carolina bob
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Re:Richard's Drive-In Car-feterias 2009/06/27 19:15:33
Can I possibly be the only one on this site that remembers Richard's? It was a good sized multi-state operation that was around for quite a few years. Somebody besides me must have memories of those tasty Twinburgers. Anybody?....  
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Re:Richard's Drive-In Car-feterias 2009/07/01 00:22:14
We moved to Lincolnwood in 1955. From Devon to Crawford, along Lincoln Avenue, there were four locations that served burgers: Henry's Drive-In, Richard's Drive-In Carfeteria, Jalin's Restaurant, and Howard Johnson's. Henry's served the best burgers, fries, and pies, Jalin's served the best malts, Howard Johnson's served the best ice cream, and Richard's went out of business.
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Re:Richard's Drive-In Car-feterias 2009/07/01 01:58:12
There must have also been at least one in Detroit, since it is mentioned on this website: