The Sterns in the Tulsa World

Howard Baratz
2009/04/19 17:15:16
Here  is a link to an article that appeared in Saturday's Tulsa World. The article features a short discussion of the Sterns and their "Roadfood" book series and then goes on to print truncated versions of the Sterns' reviews of the 21 Oklahoma restaurants listed in the latest edition of "Roadfood". I thought I would share this since I assumed that most of you do not subscribe to the Tulsa World.  
Fire Safety Admin
Re:The Sterns in the Tulsa World 2009/04/19 19:39:42
Thanks for the link to the nice article.  Oklahoma is a great state for eating Roadfood, although I am disappointed I haven't made it to Eischen's or The Meers Store, yet.
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mr chips
Filet Mignon
Re:The Sterns in the Tulsa World 2009/04/20 08:38:42
Thanks for the link Howard. It is always good to see what non-roadfood acolytes say about the Sterns. Hope someday to make it back to Tulsa.