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2009/04/22 12:25:16
Im not easily impressed and never wowwed by mixes as a rule.  My wife bought a dry mix of betty's chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.  The were still soft the next day and had a great taste as well
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Re:BettyCrocker 2009/04/22 12:45:58
Good preservatives keep them soft.  Yummy.
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Re:BettyCrocker 2009/05/04 03:14:04
I've found that that is pretty common with dry cookie mixes. Probably because they have a lot more ingredients than homemade cookie recipes. All of those preservatives and chemicals. Remember, they're formulated to stay good for a long time, not to be easy to whip up in a home kitchen from regular ingredients. They're basically store-bought cookies, except that you add a few ingredients.