El Bruno in Cuba, NM

Junior Burger
2009/04/24 18:02:45
 El Bruno in Cuba, NM comes recommended - but I beg to differ.  Despite the very nice environs and patio, the food is a hi-falutin (price) Denny's in Latin drag.  Having spent a number of winters in New Mexico, I have eaten a fair number of New Mexican dishes and sampled many versions of chips and salsa.  Not that the food is bad at El Bruno - it is just formulaic.  The Stuffed sopapilla is really a take on taco salad - nothing special about it and the price is $9.95.  The sopapillas ok, but hardly special.  The substandard hamburger was dry.  And the mini-boutique as part of the restaurant selling Asian- made Indianish things was really a turn-off. Have eaten in one of the more local places in Cuba (sorry, no name) and had better food. 
Filet Mignon
Re:El Bruno in Cuba, NM 2009/04/25 07:01:21
Why don't you add a review to the listing, then?  Here is a link:


It does look a lot like Denny's:

I'll bet the margueritas are better, though.