OATMEAL PIE, A real Taste Treat !!

mayor al
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2009/05/04 15:01:04
Today we skipped out for a quiet lunch at a Little Cafe on the Square in Corydon, Indiana. (Leonard's), It is one of three cafes on the Town Square and can be a busy place during the Courthouse Breaks during the week. We enjoyed a cup of Chili(me) and Potato Soup (Jan) plus a good Burger served with some excellent Crispy Home Fries.  As we finished our meal I notice a chalk-board announcement about having either Blackberry or OATMEAL Pie for dessert.
We inquired of the server about the OATMEAL Pie as We had not heard, nor tasted it before. We were told it is often referred to as "Poor Man's Pecan Pie" as it consists of a sweet syrup base like a Pecan Pie, but they use Coconut and Oatmeal instead of the more expensive Pecans in the filling.
Naturally we had to try a piece. (Sorry, no camera at the table) It was a good-looking slice of warm pie that came out to us. The appearance of a slightly crusty top, but almost like Chess Pie that had been 'Browned' a bit. A couple of bites helped us identify both the Oatmeal and Coconut filling that had a strong sweet flavor that really reminded both of us of a Coconut Macaroon.
  I would not have been able to eat more than one slice of this treat, as it was very sweet and rich!  Upon leaving the Cafe I called my Pie-Expert...Buffet Buster to describe the experience for him. It was a new pie-flavor for him as well, and I had to promise him a trip to Leonard's Cafe in Corydon when he returns to this area later this year !
Anyone else had any experience with this taste-treat???
PS- We also found a source for Red Rock Ginger Ale at a little Soda Fountain in Corydon on the same trip. Overall a very successful local roadtrip !!!
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Re:OATMEAL PIE, A real Taste Treat !! 2009/05/04 15:34:07
I very much appreciated the call on this Al.  Hopefully, I can find my way back to the Louisville area sometime this year to enjoy this unusual dessert.  Oatmeal pie sounds like a real winner!  I just have one problem here.....

You didn't notice what the dessert choices were until after you got done eating your entrees?  My pie radar would have been beeping as soon as I walked in the door!

Double Cheeseburger
Re:OATMEAL PIE, A real Taste Treat !! 2009/05/04 16:10:38
buffetbuster , Wendy had the peach cobbler Saturday at Lexington #1 and declared it very good. I ate the rest of hers after finishing off my berry cobbler and it was very good, not super sweet.

Dennis in Cary
Re:OATMEAL PIE, A real Taste Treat !! 2009/05/04 18:52:27
Sounds great! I wonder what kinda Coconut they used? Milk, shredded, fresh, hmm?
mayor al
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Re:OATMEAL PIE, A real Taste Treat !! 2009/05/04 19:52:53
Considering the consistency of the filler in the Pie and the demographic's of the Cafe and Community (Rural Hoosier), my guess is  shredded/chopped bagged and sweetened. That's not meant as a put-down just an honest opinion of the 'convenience' of using that product in a pie.
Re:OATMEAL PIE, A real Taste Treat !! 2009/05/04 21:29:35
Shredded coconut sounded best to me but that was just my guess. I am no pie maker. Oh, xcept for Frito pie. :~)
Junior Burger
Re:OATMEAL PIE, A real Taste Treat !! 2009/05/05 03:34:50
Sounds delicious! I love it when small diners have unique pie flavors rather than the usual fruit and cream pies. I have seen a few interesting-looking recipes for an oatmeal-based pie with coconut. Since I doubt I'll ever be out in Indiana, maybe I'll have try to make one myself.