Charle's Chips

2009/05/07 17:36:54
Best chip ever IMHO, are they still around? Where can I get them?
Re:Charle's Chips 2009/05/07 18:02:53
really miss those metal cans with the greasey chips
Charlie used to come to our house once a week.
Have seen them in the bag but they're not as good as i remember
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Charle's Chips 2009/05/07 18:12:26
My wife loved those things. They used to be delivered to our house on a regular basis. Not being a chips fan I don't know how often they came.
Re:Charle's Chips 2009/05/08 09:05:58
we had the old cans at my parents house for years and years. The yellow chip can is long gone - rusted away, but they still have the brown pretzel can at their house, usually containing the twin bags of Terrell's Chips (a local Syracuse company).

when we were kids, one of my brothers put the pretzel can over another brother's head, who then, accidentally, took a header down the main staircase with said can covering his head. Since he didn't break his neck during the long fall, we figure the can must have saved his head from some bruises. The can is still a bit warped from that episode, almost 35 years ago. 

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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Charle's Chips 2009/05/08 09:53:10
I remember the Charles Chips man delivereing those brown cans of salty chip goodness when I was a kid.

Cracker Barrel sells the cans of Charles Chips.
Re:Charle's Chips 2009/05/08 20:39:22
When I was a kid, we always had the Charles Chips pretzel and potato chip cans in our home. I did a quick search and found their website where you can order goodies:
Junior Burger
Re:Charle's Chips 2009/05/21 14:17:48
Does anyone remember the Charles Chips lemon cookies?
Re:Charle's Chips 2009/05/29 02:55:41
You can buy Charles Chips at Cracker Barrel restaurants.