The World's Bet Burger (According To Me)

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/05/08 20:10:02
I believe I have finally found the best hamburger I have ever eaten and found it here in my home town of Huntsville, AL.
We had a little deli open up here in the old mill district and the deli is called Dallas Mill Deli. The are only open for breakfast and lunch and have only about 8 tables inside and about 5 outside. It is decorated with old pictures of Huntsville and is very charming.
But to get to the hamburger - it is absolutely one of the best burgers I have ever eaten and I have eaten a lot of burgers. It is had patted and cooked to order. I order mine all the way with provolone cheese but you can pick from several types of cheese). The burger is juicy, tender and very tasty. I took my granddaughters and now this is their favorite place to go for a burger.  Forget McDonald's these girls (ages 12 and 9) are RoadFood GRITS.
Note that the Deli does serve sandwhices and sells meat and cheese by the pound but for some reason I just can't order any thing else but the hamburger because it is so good (I met a friend there today for lunch).
If you plan on coming to Huntsville please try it and I'm sure you will be pleased with the burger. I will post the directions later as I'm not sure which exit to take off the I-565 interstate spur.
Re:The World's Bet Burger (According To Me) 2009/05/08 20:24:35
And the pics are where?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:The World's Bet Burger (According To Me) 2009/05/09 00:45:50
Will try to remember to get a picture the next time I go (which will probably be next week)
Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
Re:The World's Bet Burger (According To Me) 2009/05/09 00:51:43
How are the ribs at the famous place in town....
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:The World's Bet Burger (According To Me) 2009/05/09 14:15:10
Baah Ben - I guess you mean the ribs from Dreamland (the original is in Tuscaloosa, AL). Well, to be honest with you I am not much of a rib person. I very seldom eat them.  I have ate at Dreamland in Tuscaloosa and they were very good. At that time they only served you ribs with white bread and no sides. The Dreamland here in Huntsville has sides (coleslaw, etc.).
Most people rave about the banana pudding served here but to me it is OK. They make theirs with instant pudding and cool-whip type topping. I make mine the way my grandmother and mother taught me (with cooked custard and maringue top).
I am not saying that the ribs are bad but a true lover of ribs wold be able to rate them.
Re:The World's Bet Burger (According To Me) 2009/05/26 20:16:16
Sassy Grits thats the way my maw maw made her banana pudding to.I have had some that were very good,but none that could touch hers.