A Good roadfood day today.

2009/05/10 04:06:31
 So We took our monthly trip up to see my mom in NW ohio today. We always take 68 straight up from our home near cinci.
 For one main reason we take 68. Crabill's in Urbana!! Dear lord I get so giddy when I see the Urbana city limit sign. I love that this little shack of a place has a drive thru. Ya you dont get to see the meat cooking but Crabill's blows any other place away with speed for a drive thru. I mean we put the order in and less the one minute she was handing us or food.
 For those who have never been. The place is so small  , You order,pay, and get your food at the same window. Because the place is to small to have a second window.
 We went light today and ordered 12. Which was 2 a person in the car. Since we were driving up to have diner at moms.
 The way that goodness just explodes in your mouth never stops to amaze me.
After a nice evening at moms. I talked my wife into taking the freeway back. Thats when my wife realised what i was up to. We get on the freeway in Lima Ohio right at KEWPEE!!!!!
 Ordered 2 cheeseburgers for myself and my 2 oldest kids and my wife each got 1.
Def a great day for me. Getting to eat at my 2 fav hamburger shops in one day. All tho I think my heart stoped a bit after finishing the Kewpees. All that greesy goodness gave my heart a nice little hug.
If i got to go. This would def be a day I would love to go on.
Re:A Good roadfood day today. 2009/05/10 04:25:43
Had to roadfood check it the owners couldn't give it a higher complement then the reviewers. How far in fairchild market think a zillion sliders and a 1/4 zillion tripple turtle cheesecakes next time im stateside.
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Re:A Good roadfood day today. 2009/05/10 09:35:51
I understood the first post, but I think the second one was posted from a dream.
Re:A Good roadfood day today. 2009/05/10 20:32:46
A couple more eateries in west central Ohio not too far from Crabill's that's worth trying - Kay's Sandwich Shop in downtown Troy Ohio - good burgers and other sandwiches and has been around since the 1930's and The Spot restaurant in downtown Sidney Ohio also has good burgers and other eats and has been around for a long time.
Fort Wayne Indiana , close to NW Ohio, also has Powers Hamburgers and well worth trying if you're ever in that area.
carolina bob
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Re:A Good roadfood day today. 2009/05/10 21:23:09
I agree, Mosca. I'm still trying to figure it out.