Snickers King Size

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2009/05/10 18:09:38
Hello everyone,

I'm new here and I've enjoyed reading these boards for a while.  What prompted me to register on here is the change in the Snickers King size.  I love this bar.  That is until they converted to the British duo style pack.  The new two in one King Size bars really made me mad.  They're good for the health conscience, I see how they're good for women as you can save the other half; however, they are terrible for us people who loved the massive single bar version.  And what I really don't get is that they're charging the same price for the 3.29 oz duo pack as they did for the traditional 3.7oz King size.  Anyway, I'm done venting, but my allegiance to the King size Snickers is done.  I'll probably convert to King size Milky Way or something.

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Re:Snickers King Size 2009/05/10 18:14:19
Have you tried stomping your feet, rolling around on the ground, or maybe even holding your breath?  I tried those as a kid, but all I ever got was my butt tanned.
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Re:Snickers King Size 2009/05/10 18:30:08
I really cannot see your problem.....................just eat both sections and enjoy! ( And prices are higher on everything, candy bars included.)
Re:Snickers King Size 2009/05/12 10:01:13
they're charging the same price for the 3.29 oz duo pack as they did for the traditional 3.7oz King size.

Right there is your answer.  Look for it to happen to your King Size Milky Ways as well

I'd be upset about getting less, but I'd also be happy that there is more chocolate to filling ratio.

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Re:Snickers King Size 2009/05/12 21:07:57
Yep, the response I got from Mars was the change was due to price.

"In response to your email regarding SNICKERS BRAND.We appreciate your comments and assure you it is the policy of Mars Snackfood US to offer the best possible consumer value at all times. Our wholesale prices are commensurate with the costs of all raw materials as well as the many other business costs. For example, today's prices of cocoa, the basic ingredient for chocolate, are extremely high. The size of the product was changed in order to hold the retail price steady. This is also directly related to manufacturing and ingredient costs. When you compare the weight of any product of equally high quality, we are confident our candy would cost less per ounce."

So the move was made to avoid a price hike. I don't know how much of this decision was also to streamline the american version with the british version.

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Re:Snickers King Size 2009/05/12 21:27:40
Yeah, that sort of "less for more" seems to be the watchword in many of the food-related items.

My favorite that hasn't been around for a LONG time were the Quarter-Pound Baby Ruth's and Butterfingers. One of those would fulfill my craving for a candy bar easily.  I miss them !