Corner Grille in Worcester, MA

Junior Burger
2009/05/11 11:25:53
I found the name of the Corner Grille (Pleasant St) on this website and the called to see they would have a table for 8 as it was a small place.  I can't tell you about the food as we never even got to order.  We had all come off the road from significant distances.  We all needed to use the rest room before being able to sit down, relax and enjoy our food.  YOU CAN'T DO IT HERE.  There are no facilities here, even for the customers!  I politely pushed the issue saying if you want our business, then we need the use of the rest room. I guess they didn't need our business of dinner for eight people on a very quiet day. In this day of swine flu, who want to eat without washing up first?  With that kind of policy, we won't give them a second chance.