"DDD" - Cornmeal pizza in Sante Fe

Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
2009/05/11 23:50:35
I love Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!"  Tonight he went to a place in Sante Fe, I believe the name was Backyard Pizza.  They showed the pizza dough being made from scratch and then they sprinkle corn meal on top of the dough and roll it into the dough with a rolling pin. 
They make thin crust pizza and they say the corn meal makes it nice and crispy.  Looked pretty good.  Made some other interesting items at this particular pizza place.  Anybody ever been here?
Re:"DDD" - Cornmeal pizza in Sante Fe 2009/05/12 09:23:17

I've never been, but I saw the episode and was a little surprised about the use of cornmeal with the pizzas.  Some places can get away with it (like Rosati's in Chicago) but when I've tried using cornmeal on my pizzas at home to help them slide better into the oven, the cornmeal gets burned and becomes very bitter tasting.  I wonder if incorporating it more into the dough takes care of this problem and produces a better result.  Apparently Guy thought so.