Cheesecake from defunct mall chain

Beverly K
2009/05/12 20:08:48
Does anyone remember a mall bakery chain that specialized in creamcheese cakes? This was in the early 70s.
They were baked on the premises and you could just walk in and buy one. 
The bakery itself wasn't fancy, no tables and chairs that I can remember. Just this huge oven, practiaclly covering the whole back wall, and a counter where you asked for what ever you wanted out of the case.
The cakes were very good and very rich, with a sugary crumb topping.
The stores also featured a yeast bun, with or without fruit topping.
The two outlets I was most familiar with were at the Park City Center in Lancaster, PA and the Harrisburg East Mall. The Harrisburg store lasted longer than the one in Lancaster.
For some reason I thought the chain may have originated in a Philadelphia area  mall and worked its way west.