Driving from Providence, RI, to Marblehead, MA

Junior Burger
2009/05/12 20:11:52
We'll be driving from Providence to Marblehead and back again and would love to know where we should stop along the way for great fried clams, lobster rolls, or other great New England food.  We'll be two adults and two kids under four, so minimal detouring is preferable; the drives will take place on Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, if that matters.  (I assume we'll be taking 95, since I can't imagine the more direct route through Boston makes sense on a Friday afternoon, but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong....)

Thanks very much.
Filet Mignon
Re:Driving from Providence, RI, to Marblehead, MA 2012/08/05 11:42:06
Too late to help this guy, but yesterday we were in Marblehead to celebrate 100 years of Marine Corps aviation, which started in Marblehead harbor. Three modern helicopters were displayed on an athletic field along with a foundation owned, vintage CH-34, that will soon be in the Marine Corps museum in Virginia.
We ate at "The Landing", a waterfront, pub type place next to the town parking lot. We all ordered "The Big Kahuna", which turned out to be like a crab cake on a roll (but no crab, it was scallop, lobster, and shrimp). Good to excellent. Wonderful service, great view, and not too expensive, considering the waterfront location. 
Update....years later......
We recently tried Vesuvius Pizza, a little independent place that seems to be doing very well in Marblehead. Very, very good. There are lots of great pizza places in Massachusetts, and this place is right up there with the best.
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