BBQ In Kings Bay Ga

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/05/14 17:35:36
I chanced to return to Kings Bay for some business and immediatly set out to see what the local BBQ scene had evolved to. Sonny's still purveys pedestrian Q that one comes to expect from a chain. Sorry, just my opinion. Blue's has been gone for some time and has since by a memeber of the family reopened. Good but nothing spectacular. One of the fine sailors at the Kings Bay submarine base suggested we try Chet's. Chet's turned out to be a non-descript building on the corner of US 17 and state road 40 in Kingsland. We were greeted by Chester whos is a trained chef and works for Longhorn Steakhouse on Amelia island and does Q. I am from Austin and my co-hort is also from west Texas and we were waiting to be dissapointed. Not to be.
I ordered the rib plate with fried okra and beans with sauce on the side. Kevin ordered the pork plate with okra and beans. Well...I was pleasantly surprised. The ribs were excellent. I watched Chet pull them off the cooker and soon they arrived at my table. They were cooked just right. The slight tug before the meat breaks away from the bone, the taste of smoke and pork and a light coating of sauce was perfect. The sauce is a tangy mustard based and really adds to the pork flavor.
Kevin said his pork was excellent. Not oversauces and the meat was chopped and not shredded. The beans were unspectacular but I didn't go there for no beans.
All in all, a good experience.