2009/05/18 14:45:57
According to this WTMJ story Dave Sobelman is opening a new restaurant on N. Farwell in Milwaukee.  The emphasis is going to be on grass-fed beef and the "greasy, less healthy product" will be available at the original location on St. Paul Ave.
Filet Mignon
Re:Sobelman's 2009/05/18 14:54:06
While not my personal favorite, Sobelman's often tops the list of Milwaukee's best hamburger.

Re:Sobelman's 2009/05/18 20:31:17
Not your personal favorite???  You're the one who sent us to Sobelman's in the first place (which, by the way, we loved).  So, if Sobelman's isn't your fave, what is?  Fred's in Burlington doesn't count because...well...because they're in Burlington, not Milwaukee.  Kopp's, while a a dang fine burger, is in a different class from Sobelman's, and I presume any other burger you'd rank higher.

So, barring those two, what do you reccomend?  Mazo's?  Are they still in business?

Filet Mignon
Re:Sobelman's 2009/05/18 20:44:32
I ate at Sobelman's for lunch last Friday.  They make a darn fine burger. 

Best in Milwaukee?  Personal favorite?  I refuse to limit myself to just one, but Sobelman's is on the list.

Great selection of local microbrews at bargain prices, too.
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Re:Sobelman's 2009/05/18 21:36:31

....Best in Milwaukee?  Personal favorite?  I refuse to limit myself to just one, but Sobelman's is on the list..........

Ditto here.
In no particular order, Mazo's, The Night Owl, Barnacle Bud's, Brocach's Kilkenny Burger (1/2# Angus with a soft cooked egg, red pepper cream cheese, double smoked Bavaria bacon and ff onion rings), The Fritzburger at Fritz's Pub, The Hideaway's Garbage Burger with Merkt's Cheese, The Pleskavica, a Serbian hamburger at The Balkan House filled with ajvar, raw onions,  and kajmak, and since it's been at least 5 years, Solly's Butterburger. There may well be others but Kopp's isn't on my list. Now how could I pick just one?
Outside of Milwaukee, The Kewpee in Racine and The Big Star in Kenosha and my desert island burger choice of Basil's II in beautiful downtown Fontenoy.