Mother's Cookies are back!

2009/05/19 21:25:27
Was just reading the ads in today's paper, and one store is selling Mother's Cookies again!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Mother's Cookies are back! 2009/05/20 19:11:39
Before the October 2008 bankruptcy, Archway and Mother's were commonly owned.
Kelloggs put up a new website for Mother's Cookies:
On the east coast, Archway cookies are being sold again, made in the old Archway Ashland, Ohio plant (and possibly by co-packers.) The Archway brand is now owned by Lance, Inc. There are also a few posts on the Burry's thread:
that Davis Cookie Company of Pennsylvania's "Josephine's" products are now in some supermarkets in place of Archway. All I know is that Davis had a manufacturing and/or distribution deal with the original Archway before they went bankrupt last October.
There is some scuttlebutt that the Mother's Cookies on the west coast are now by Kellogg's Keebler division. Can anyone confirm this?
Around the beginning of this year, Mother's Cookies turned up in Dollar Tree and other discount outlets in the NYC Metro area. The address on the cardboard boxes they came in suggested they were made in the Archway plant in Ashfield, OH before the bankruptcy and shutdown.
Beverly K
Re:Mother's Cookies are back! 2009/06/14 17:13:23
In Food Lion in York, Archway is sold in the 'specialty' cookie-cracker section, while a few feet away are Josephine's Cookies with the 'ordinary' cookies! LOL
The Archway Cookies are made by Archway/Mother's Cookies of Battle Creek. Not a huge selection, but it seems  like they're trying not to duplicate Josephine's varieties.
Re:Mother's Cookies are back! 2009/06/14 21:34:56
 The two closeout grocery stores in my area suddenly had large quantities of Archway cookies after the bankruptcy.
 Several area grocery chains that replaced Archway with another brand after the shutdown have yet to bring Archway back.