Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors

Beverly K
2009/05/23 11:15:01
RIP Starbucks original ice cream flavors, especially the MUD PIE.
Loved it wth Dove Dark Chocolate Topping.
Starbucks shifted their ice cream line from Dreyer's to Unilever, and now the flavors are all different.
Does anyone know of a comparable flavor by another ice cream maker?
Junior Burger
Re:Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors 2009/05/23 19:36:45
Starbucks is the absolute last place I would ever go for ice cream! I'll go to DQ before I subject myself to the most overpriced, overrated, full-of-itself coffee shop in the world. And I don't give a crap if you can draw on the top of my cup of coffee!
ann peeples
Re:Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors 2009/05/23 19:45:58
In the 70s, 31 flavors had( and still has) a wonderful mocha with almonds.
Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
Re:Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors 2009/05/23 20:08:06
Their coffee ice cream in the supermarket is very good and pretty reasonable.  I like it with wet walnuts, hot fudge and legitimate whipped cream.  

Beverly K
Re:Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors 2009/05/23 22:01:11
Goodness, gracious...don't get so hyper. This ice cream was not available at Starbucks, but at the grocery store.
And the price was reasonable, no worse than Dove or Godiva Ice Creams.
I can't drink their coffee, much too strong, but their ice cream line was wonderful. Rather like espresso thinned with cream.
All I need is espresso ice cream with oreos, fudge and whatever else mashed into it.
Beverly K
Re:Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors 2009/05/25 15:12:13
I am so pleased. Was strolling through the ice cream aisle, and the words MUD PIE caught my eye. It was EDY's ice cream.
I forgot that Dreyer's does not sell their ice cream under that name in this part of the country, but under Edy's Grand and Edy's Slow Churn.
I was right. It is coffee ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies and fudge swirl! Now all I need is some dark chocolate topping and I will be set!
Junior Burger
Re:Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors 2009/06/01 16:16:55
Starbucks ice cream isn't bad.  I like the ice cream more than the coffee.  Never had the Mud Pie flavor but would have loved to try it.  I like the Starbucks Caramel Macchiato flavor.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors 2009/06/01 17:24:39

Edy's Espresso Chip Ice Cream is very good.  I'd give that a try.  And you can usually find it on sale somewhere.
Junior Burger
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Re:Starbucks Original Ice Cream Flavors 2011/10/05 06:57:10
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