Nabisco 'Classic' Cookies

Beverly K
2009/05/23 14:44:26
This line of cookies appeared in Giant this past week.
The varieties consist of Iced Animal Shortbread with a shiny pink icing, Iced Lemon Shortbread, and Iced and plain Oatmeal.
Are these cookies that were previously produced by Nabisco? Or a play on the term 'classic' as being simple and basic?
I really don't remember any of these, but am tempted to try the Lemon Shortbread as there are very few lemon cookies around.
Lisa Dare
Junior Burger
Re:Nabisco 'Classic' Cookies 2009/06/12 00:54:46
They are replicating cookies made by Mother's Cookies of Oakland,
California, which went out of business.  I tried the animal cookies.
The insides are tastier.  The outside frosting is not as waxy and sweet as the originals.  If Nabisco is reaching out to fans to the originals, it will be interesting to see if they succeed.
Dime store also sold versions of these cookies.  I saw ones with coco or chocolate frosting once at Grant's.  Haven't seen them in years.   Lisa Dare
Filet Mignon
Re:Nabisco 'Classic' Cookies 2009/06/12 08:35:00
a part of my business is vending and we used to sell Mothers cookies. These cookies were like eatting candy. I have tried a sub but as they say once your loose you mother there is no replacing her..........
Beverly K
Re:Nabisco 'Classic' Cookies 2009/06/12 17:21:07
I was not familiar with Mother's Cookies, but I did try the Frosted Lemon Shortbread of the Nabisco Classics. They were alright, a bit too sweet for my taste, but with a nice fresh, lemony flavor.
I may try the Frosted Animals next, as it seems like they are the ones that are selling well.
Apparently, the local Giant does not have the full variety. I have noticed some sandwich cookies as well, in some of the other stores.